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Police Clearance

All applicants 16 years of age and over require a police certificate from his or her country of nationality or current residence if living there more than six months (6 months), and from any other country if residence was more than one year (12 months), unless the country is specifically excluded from this requirement by the State Department.

1. Residents of Tonga, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, Tuvalu, Nauru: Police certificate may be obtained through application to the Commissioner of Police in the country or territory concerned.  Applicants in Tonga must also include a prepaid envelope for International Mail with their Police Clearance application.  The processed police clearance must be sent by the Office of the Police Commissioner in Tonga directly to the Embassy.

2. Residents of Fiji: Applicants requiring police clearances must complete the attached form(s) and present them to any police station in Fiji (not including police posts).  The Fiji Police will forward the police certificate to this Embassy directly.

Applicants must request the police clearance at least fifteen (15) working days in advance of the visa interview so that the Embassy will have it on the interview date.  Police clearances requested from police stations other than the Central Police Station in Suva will take longer.  Failure to request the police clearances in a timely manner will cause a delay in the approval and issuance of your visa.

Applicants must submit the attached form(s) at the appropriate police station in person, with their passports, so that their fingerprints may be taken.

3. Please Note that any fees charged by the police authorities for police clearances are to be paid by the applicant.

4. Validity: All Police Clearances Are Valid For One Year And Must Be Re-Done Once They Have Expired.

Police Clearance PDF Forms

  1. Police Clearance Information (PDF - 81K)
  2. Police Clearance Form (PDF - 61K)